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Rocket Marketing
430 3rd Ave S , Ste 318 , St. Petersburg, FL 33701
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Since 1998, Rocket Marketing has been creating the digital marketing solutions that most businesses lack. They have worked with small, medium, and large scale organizations in the past. Their office is based in St. Petersburg. Rocket Marketing has a diverse team that has rich experience in everything relating to Search Engine Optimization and have demonstrated skill sets in other digital marketing solutions. So far, Rocket Marketing has helped more than 20 websites with their SEO ranking, they have successfully run more than 20 Ads and Pay Per Click Campaigns, more than 20,000 Social media posts and over 150,000 emails have been sent out.
Rocket Marketing provides a number of services that have brought great satisfaction to business owners and some of these services include Search Engine Optimization, optimizing your website to show up higher on search results; Social Media Marketing, everything that has to do with the Designing, management, and execution of excellent strategies through social media; Email Marketing, creating and sending out compelling emails to targeted and potential customers; Online Ads, putting together advertising strategies that will help your business to grow; PR and Press, using the press such as newspaper and other news outlet to create awareness for your project; and lastly Online Reputation Management, checking out the things that the public says about your company and helping to manage both positive and negative reviews.
Rocket Marketing has helped various organizations increase their leads and step up their rate of conversion. Their team has worked across different industries and these include: Mortgage, Real Estate, Educational Companies, Professional Associations, Medical health and Wellness, Ecommerce, and Digital Marketing Agencies. If you run any business that isn’t highlighted above, you are still welcome to get in touch with the Rocket Marketing team to discuss your needs.
Over the last years, Rocket Marketing has taken on several professional and personal projects. Interestingly, their amazing services have been referred by their clients to new folks and Rocket Marketing has equally brought smiles to the faces of those business owners and propelled their business expansion. Some of their clients include: John Gallagher (of the Promo Shop) and Dr. Larry Cimperman (of Middlesex Chiropractic Center).
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