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About OnBaze

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The seriousness of companies is demonstrated by their presence and marketability. Companies engaged in better marketing efforts are the ones who care about their websites and reputation on the Web, thus they tend to be more professional in providing services to their clients. This argument is often applicable to businesses when their deciding on which company to hire.

Trust is one of the most important criteria when users choose companies they want to contact first. However, the user’s trust is being built before a personal connection has even been initiated between the agency and the client.

Potential clients usually get informed through numerous portals, before they even contact companies. The first step of a user is being made through a search on search engines like Google.

Being able to find companies through different maps such as Google maps is only the first step in the customer journey. In the next step, potential clients often want to know how the company has been evaluated by other third-party portals and websites. The company’s own website becomes increasingly secondary in the decision-making phase as potential clients tend to trust reviews outside the entity of the company. In short, clients nowadays want to know how the company is represented and reviewed on other websites. This is where OnBaze comes into play and meets the client’s expectation during this decision making process.

We offer companies the opportunity to refine their presence through us, optimize their external presence and marketability, and drive leads. At the same time, we offer potential clients a big advantage. OnBaze provides a decision-making base for searchers to find the best companies in a particular industry and location.

Founded in 2018, OnBaze is one of the most up-to-date company directories. OnBaze was founded through a cooperation of numerous SEO companies. We receive support from our American and German investors. With a sophisticated strategy, we will continue to build more and more products and industries in the near future. The technical development of the portal also takes place in so-called sprints and will gradually adapt to the needs of our customers and users alike. Stay tuned.

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