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Planet Marketing
5950 Roanoke St, San Diego, CA 92139
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Claim This Business Claim this business Founded 15.5 years ago Hourly Rate $100 / hour Starts at $5,000
Imagine that you place an advertisement today and by tomorrow, your business phone rings continuously, and clients are falling over one another to get your products and services. How would that make you feel? Very excited and happily overwhelmed! Planet Marketing can make what you just imagined come true. They are a digital marketing agency situated in San Diego and they offer several super-exciting services that will change your advertising and marketing game forever. Their team is a global bunch of professionals that are seasoned in their core skills of digital marketing. They are also able to accommodate different businesses because of the multicultural experience of their team.
For more than 12 years, Planet Marketing has been offering 3 core digital marketing solutions. These solutions are: Facebook Ads Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, be it local, national or international they track the best keywords for your business, compare how you rank with your competitors, and power up link building for your website; Pay Per Click Advertising such as Adwords, Search Engine Marketing, and Media Buying. Other services include Google Analytics, Data-Driven Marketing, Custom Tracking, and Reporting.
No matter the industry of your business, Planet Marketing is able to provide you with the best of their services, that will make you talk to others about their services. Some of the industries that have worked with them include: the Sports Sector, Food and Beverage companies, and many more. Contact Planet Marketing when you are ready, and they are good to go to make magic happen in your sales and revenue.
There are several companies that have been with Planet Marketing for more than a decade, some less than 5 years. All of them have enjoyed the partnership, support, and brilliant work that they do. A few of these organizations are Chula Vista Golf Course, Caffe Tazza, and more.
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