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OnPoint Internet Marketing
1215 K, Ste 1700, Sacramento, CA 95814
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Claim This Business Claim this business Founded 12.5 years ago Hourly Rate $100 / hour Starts at $5,000
OnPoint Internet Marketing is a digital marketing organization located in Sacramento. They have 4 amazing team members serving as a Digital Marketing and SEO Expert, a Social Media Manager, a Paid Media Manger, and an exceptional Web Designer. Whatever direction you want to go with your marketing campaign, OnPoint Internet will help you get there based on your budget. More the 80% of people are looking to buy products and services online and the best way for you to get a larger piece of the market share is to set up your website and digital footprint in ways that will capture traffic. OnPoint Internet Marketing will help you do this seamlessly.
OnPoint Internet Marketing offers a variety of services. These services include: SEO, they have everything it takes to rank your content online; Paid Advertising, some of these include Google Adwords, Bing, Yahoo, and Facebook PPC advertising; Social Media Management, Lead Generation Landing Pages, and Marketing/SEO Strategy Blueprints. They also offer different kinds of Consulting and Training packages.
There are several companies that have heard about the great work of OnPoint Internet Marketing and decided to bring them into their company. After getting these services, they kept on recommending OnPoint Internet Marketing to other types of businesses. Over the years OnPoint Internet Marketing has worked with various industries including: Home Improvement Firms, Education Institutions, Government Agencies, Travel and Hospitality Companies, Real Estate Agencies, Supplements Companies, Industrial Equipment, Cleaning Services, Gaming Industry, Beauty and Fashion Firms, Law Firms, Financial and B2B Enterprises, Ecommerce and Marketing Companies, Health and Medical, Heating and Air, Mold Removal, Drug Rehab, and Professional Services.
There are several organizations that OnPoint Internet Marketing have been able to move from one stage of effectiveness and growth to another. Some of these organizations and their projects include: Meratrim, Solution to Addiction, All City Environmental, poor Man’s Bronze, Remax, Inter Health Nutraceuticals Incorporated, and Larose Law.
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