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Magik Digital
2905 Avenue C, Fort Worth, TX 76105
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Claim This Business Claim this business Founded 25.2 years ago Hourly Rate $100 / hour Starts at $5,000
Have you been thinking about how to use the best web design and marketing tools that expert digital marketers use? Apart from how to use the tools, are you also worried about the fact that they aren’t so affordable. In any of the above situations, Magik Digital can solve both cases. They are an internet marketing and digital marketing company based in Fort Worth and they know how to combine the power of great design with the emotional magic of marketing to get your potential clients to choose your products and services over all your competitors.
Magik Digital have been able to master a number of digital marketing solutions in real time through practice and training. Some of the services you can expect to get from them: include Digital Services, such as Web Design & Development, Mobile Applications, E-Commerce Solutions, SEO Services, Social Media Marketing, and Digital Marketing Services; Traditional Marketing, for example Branding, Graphic Design, Print Design, Large Format Design, Promotional Products, and Custom Illustration; lastly, Video Services such as Video Marketing, Professional Presentation Video, Social, Media Broadcast Video, Drone Footage, and YouTube Channel Management.
Magik Digital has been able to work across many industries, because of the large customer base coming from different types of businesses that require digital marketing services. Some of these industries include: Insurance, Financial Sector, Entertainment, Restaurants, Energy, ICT, Digital Marketing Companies, and more.
Some of the projects and organizations that have worked with Magik Digital include: KBEC 1390, Circle L. Solar, Suite Konnections, Troy Dunn Insurance, VW Coolbox, Vault Rooms, NETCC, Silver Dollar Winery, Wild Toad Coffee. Magik Digital also has also had some of the people they have worked leave raving 5-star reviews. Their names are as follow: Justin P., Dan S., Steve W., Bo W., Try D., Sean D., and Kim P.
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