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The United States is a major powerhouse in the world economy considering the large number of effective industries contributing to the efficiency of the nation’s economy. These marketing industries include companies based in the top states that generate the largest revenues on which the nation’s economy depends.

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The likes of California and other top states are the foothold for the thriving industries in the nation.

However, the economy of the United States spans across 3 broad categories which includes the service sector (which encompasses the marketing industry), manufacturing sector and the agricultural sector. These sectors include the following industries:

Marketing Industries in the United States

The absolute intent and purpose of the marketing industry is to communicate the companies’ offerings to real consumers. They abruptly bridge the gap that tends to separate the intentions and offerings from the core companies involved to the consumers. The American marketing association relays marketing as the activity of institutions that possess the output to create, communicate and deliver offerings that have value to the consumer.

The marketing industry has contributed immensely in terms of revenue generated to enhance the United States economy. Recently in the United States the marketing consultant industry is valued as a $43 billion business which has over 198,000 businesses that employs workers at rapid rates as of 2021. The duty of the marketing industry includes product management and development, advertising, public relations and media relations.

Even so the marketing industry is relatively young compared to others, it has global influences on companies and consumers. The industry is expanding which implies that there is an upward increase in output generated.

Find below the most common marketing industries in the United States:

Information Technology Industry

  • Social Listening & Social Media Monitoring Companies
  • Smartphone App Development Companies
  • Web Software & Web Tool Development Companies

The information industry, also known as the information technology industry has become one of the biggest industries in the United States, and in the world. Companies such as Apple, IBM, and  Microsoft started to dominate the market in the early 80’s and 90’s and have paved the way for this industry.  But the information industry was accompanied by communication. 

The distribution of the internet and its acceptance worldwide has sparked a big boom in the information industry. In the past, it was the big corporations paved the way. However, as time passed, many other and new enterprises joined the new era of information technology, driving the market further with new innovations. New business models and products have emerged that had to meet the new requirements of the consumers.

For example, industries such as Search Engine Optimization have emerged almost simultaneously with the innovation and growth of search engines. At first, Yahoo was one of the leading companies in the search engine industry. Shortly afterwards, Yahoo was overtaken by Google and Google opened a new era for Internet search overall. These changes have greatly impacted industries as well as SEO, online marketing, web design, and software development.

Durable Manufacturing Industry

Durable Manufacturing is the manufacturing sector involved in the direct production of durable products such as computers, automobiles, sports equipment and house appliances. The products are marked by long duration between purchases. The manufacturing industry is subject to change due to many unstable factors such as oil prices, import and export taxes, and also the exchange rates of currencies. As it’s one of the biggest industries in the United States, it plays a major role when it comes to employment of the American people.

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