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What’s OnBaze?

OnBaze is a business directory specialized in certain branches such as SEO. That makes OnBaze unique, and most of all: we get displayed on top of the search engine result pages since Google and other search engines accept us as one of the important resources for certain topics.

What’s Your Advantage?

Tens of thousands of people look for businesses every day by conducting a search through search engines. OnBaze is a platform made by the best SEO experts in the world to provide the highest rankings for your business listing. Since we perform SEO for so many businesses, you can imagine how much work and value we’re putting into this business directory. Instead of spending thousands of dollars to drive traffic to your website, why not get listed at OnBaze for a much cheaper price, and be found anyway?

Our business model is simple: we bring business to you. OnBaze is a lead generating platform.

The more business we bring to you, the more important your business profile on OnBaze will become. We have different plans to make your profile look like a super star. And obviously, the better you look, the more likely leads will click on your website or contact button. We kind of work like Google Ads. Based on your plan, your business profile will also be positioned higher on our business listings.

You want to be listed at OnBaze — or found your business listed and want to edit and control it?

Edit your data including your logo, company slogan, and description. And while you’re at it, why not create a whole Profile Page for your company? Simply subscribe to one of our affordable plans that will elevate and highlight your company before others.

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